William J.Wolfe

President and CEO

Joshua M. Brown

Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Jeffrey S. Distenfeld

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Daniel J. Radek

Managing Director

Alex Nyhan

Managing Director

P. James Kahler

Senior Vice President

JB Austria

Vice President of Finance

Mary Jane Geraci

Vice President of Human Resources

Robin F. Gonzales

Vice President and Associate General Counsel

Patrick W. Judy

Vice President of Financial Reporting

Chuck Olive

Vice President of Due Diligence

Babak (Bobby) Rassuli

Vice President of Acquisitions

D. Wright Sigmund, CLS

Vice President of Leasing

Gregory D. Zike Jr.

Vice President

Taylor Allie

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Matthew E. Bay

Senior Financial Analyst

Crystal Brennan

Property Accountant

Nicole Cecil

Administrative Assistant

Amrit Chase

Acquisitions Manager

Jacqueline Condakes

Property Accountant

Lauren Davies

Investment Associate

Sarah Ellis

Director of Acquisitions

Kelley Evans

Corporate Controller

Shannen Howard

Lease Administrator

Emily M.  Kleidman

Construction Manager

Min-Chun Liao

Senior Accountant

Melvin Long, Jr.

Financial Analyst

Nathan McKay

Director of Market Research

Ryan O’Rourke

Accounting Clerk

Giovanna (Litzi) Paredes

Portfolio Accountant

Michelle Pitsenberger

Regional Property Manager

Anna Rainbolt

Assistant Property Manager

Luisa Swarr

Executive Assistant

Helene Toye

Executive Assistant

Himanshu Trivedi

Property Accountant

Aban Wallerich

Financial Analyst

Richard I. Weiss

Leasing Executive

Heidi Wilson

Portfolio Accounting Manager

Stuart D. Halpert

Chairman Emeritus and Senior Advisor

James G. Pounds

Senior Advisor

James G. Blumenthal

In Memoriam