First Washington Realty



Who We Are

First Washington Realty (FWR) is a fully integrated, national real estate investment and management firm that specializes in the ownership of convenience, necessity, and experience-oriented retail real estate.

FWR currently owns an interest in 144 shopping centers with a value of over $8.8 billion located in 22 states and the District of Columbia. Our shopping center real estate portfolio contains nearly 22.4 million square feet with approximately 3,700 tenants.
Wyoming 0 West Virginia 0 Wisconsin 0 Washington 10 properties Vermont 0 properties Virginia 17 properties Utah 0 properties Texas 6 properties Tennessee 0 properties South Dakota 0 properties South Carolina 3 properties Rhode Island 0 properties Pennsylvania 7 properties Oregon 4 properties Oklahoma 0 properties Ohio 0 properties New York 2 properties Nevada 0 properties New Mexico 0 properties New Jersey 2 properties New Hampshire 0 properties Nebraska 0 properties North Dakota 0 properties North Carolina 3 properties Montana 0 properties Mississippi 0 properties Missouri 1 property Minnesota 3 properties Michigan 0 properties Maine 0 properties Maryland 11 properties Massachusetts 0 properties Louisiana 0 properties Kentucky 0 properties Kansas 4 properties Indiana 2 properties Illinois 4 properties Idaho 0 properties Iowa 0 properties Georgia 1 property Florida 2 properties Delaware 1 property DC 1 property Connecticut 2 properties Colorado 4 properties California 43 properties Arizona 3 properties Arkansas 0 properties Alabama 0 properties

What We Offer

FWR’s legacy of institutional expertise equips us with the tools to cultivate success for our investors, merchants, partners and team members.

With quiet confidence and purpose, we have established a remarkable portfolio of properties that deliver exceptional returns in the most desirable locations.

FWR’s commitment to a collaborative and entrepreneurial culture is rooted in our integrity and attention to detail.


A partner to build your business and create your legacy.


A generational track record of institutional and business success.


A place to cultivate personal success as part of a highly dedicated team that rewards exceptional performance.

Property Highlights

FWR Cares

FWR is dedicated to improving the communities where we live and work. We focus on doing the right thing, profitably, through our environmental, social and company policies. FWR Cares about giving back and helping to build a better world.
FWR participates in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey. FWR conceives and executes a variety of sustainability strategies.