First Washington Realty



Grace Anicete

Director of Tenant Coordination and Project Management - West

JB Austria

Vice President - Finance

Ariana Bacigalupo

Executive Assistant

Matthew E. Bay

Senior Financial Analyst

Jessica Berets

Vice President and Associate General Counsel

Joshua M. Brown

Senior Advisor

Elise Bueker

Senior Director - Leasing, Central Region

Ellen Cameron


Claudia Caskey

Property Manager

Nicole Cecil

Administrative Assistant

Amrit Chase

Vice President - Investments

Eric Collich

Director of Leasing

Jacqueline Condakes

Property Accountant

Lauren Davies

Investment Associate

Jeffrey S. Distenfeld

Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel

Sarah Ellis

Senior Vice President - Investments

Kelley Evans

Vice President and Corporate Controller

Hannah Gamble

Legal Administrative Assistant

Candace L. Gantt

Lease Administrator

Mary Jane Geraci

Vice President - Human Resources

Robin F. Gonzales

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Hannah Hagerty

Leasing Coordinator

Patrick W. Judy

Senior Vice President - Financial Reporting

P. James Kahler

Senior Vice President

Emily M. Kleidman

Vice President - Construction and Sustainability

Shuran Li

Junior Property Accountant

Lili Liu

Senior Data Analyst

Christian Mical

Property Manager

Kenneth Miller

Senior Vice President

Meghan Moeltner

Senior Marketing Associate

Tamika Neal

Lease Administrator

Alex Nyhan

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan O’Rourke

Accounting Clerk

Chuck Olive

Vice President - Due Diligence

Ilan Oresky

Staff Accountant

Giovanna (Litzi) Paredes

Portfolio Accountant

Max Peker

Director of Market Research

Michelle Pitsenberger

Vice President - Property Management

Daniel J. Radek


Babak (Bobby) Rassuli

Senior Vice President - Investments

D. Wright Sigmund

CLS-Senior Vice President and National Director - Leasing

Jewel Snowden

Associate Director of National Leasing

Luisa Swarr

Executive Assistant

Himanshu Trivedi

Financial Reporting Manager

Aban Wallerich

Senior Analyst

Rebecca Walters

Portfolio Accounting Manager

Richard I. Weiss

Leasing Executive

Yasasri Wickramanayake

Property Accountant

Heidi Wilson

Director of Accounting

William J. Wolfe


Yanfang Yang

Junior Property Accountant

Gregg Zike

Senior Vice President

Stuart D. Halpert

Senior Advisor and Chairman Emeritus


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